“If you forgive those who sin against you, your heavenly Father will forgive you. But if you refuse to forgive others, your Father will not forgive your sins.” (Matthew 6:14-15)

Forgiveness is so important and this is why Jesus talks so much about forgiveness.

Satan uses unforgiveness to build up bitterness in our lives.

With bitterness in our lives, we cannot have a good relationship with God or others without forgiveness.

Satan can hold us in bondage in many areas of our lives. One of these areas is bitterness. Are you bitter?

Are you holding on to some hurt that may have happened many years ago?

Jesus told us that if we did not forgive others, God would not forgive us.

We need to forgive others so Satan cannot take advantage of us.

Ask God to bring to your mind the people you need to forgive by praying the following prayer out loud.

Dear Heavenly Father, I thank you for the riches of your kindness, forbearance, and patience toward me, knowing that Your kindness has led me to repentance.

I confess that I have not shown that same kindness and patience toward those who have hurt me. Instead, I have held on to my anger, bitterness, and resentment toward them. Please bring to my mind all the people I need to forgive in order that I may do so now. In Jesus name, amen.

What is forgiveness and what is not

• Forgiven is not forgetting.
• Forgiveness is a choice, a decision of your will.
• Forgive others for your sake so you can be free.
• Forgiveness is agreeing to live with the consequences of another person’s sin.
• Do not wait for the other person to ask for your forgiveness.
• Forgive from your heart.
• Forgiveness is choosing not to hold someone’s sin against him or her any longer.
• Don’t wait until you feel like forgiving.

God wants you to be free and
forgiving is the only way.

“Even if that person wrongs you seven times a day and each time turns again and asks forgiveness, you must forgive.” Luke 17:4


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