Become like Children

“Then he said, “I tell you the truth,

unless you turn from your sins and

become like little children, you will

never get into the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Matthew 18:3

Jesus tells us in this verse that if we are

to see heaven, we must become like little

children. It means that we put our faith

in God as a child has faith.

“A child lives by faith. A faith in the

people that are in his life. He trusts his

parents, he trusts his caretakers, he

trusts his teachers and he even trust

people often who are utterly unworthy

of trust. He provides nothing for himself,

yet everything is provided. He takes no

thought for tomorrow. He forms no

plans, and yet his life is planned out for

him. He finds his path day by day, hour

by hour. He goes in and out of his

father’s house with ease and

abandonment, enjoying the good things

it contains, without spending any

money. He lives in the present moment,

and receives his life without question as

it comes to him day by day from his

father’s hand.

This life of faith consists in just being a

child in the Father’s house. And when

this is said, enough is said to transform

every weary, burdened life into one of

blessedness and rest.”

This comes from a book by Hannah

Whitall Smith, “The Christian’s Secret of a

Happy Life.” If we become as little

children, we will have a happy life and

we will find rest for our souls.



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