“But Elisha sent a messenger out to him

with this message: “Go and wash

yourself seven times in the Jordan River.

Then your skin will be restored, and you

will be healed of your leprosy.” 2 Kings


This is a story of a king named Naaman.

Naaman was a leper. He was told that if

he went to a prophet named Elisha he

would be healed. When he arrived at

Elisha’s home. Elisha would not even

come out and see him. He just sent a

message to him that he was to wash in

the Jordan River seven times. Now this

was not the most pleasant thing to do

for the Jordan River was dirty. How

could a dirty river ever make this man

clean? Why seven times? This just does

not make sense. Isn’t this just like God in

our lives? God tells us something that we

need to do for Him and what do we do?

We just question God’s reasoning for

what He says.

Well, Naaman did just what God told

him to do. “So Naaman went down to

the Jordan River and dipped himself

seven times, as the man of God had

instructed him. And his skin became as

healthy as the skin of a young child, and

he was healed!” (1 Kings 5:14) Naaman

was obedient to God’s instructions. No

matter what God is telling you, only

obedience will give you rest for your



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