5 Important Requirements For a Great Prayer Partner

In the Book of Acts we see the Apostle Paul and
Silas get locked into a jail cell for preaching the

If you have ever been in jail then you
know it is not a great feeling. It is especially bad
when you are locked up with chains and fetters for
not doing anything wrong.

It could’ve been easy for Paul and Silas to just
get discouraged and give up on their mission and
calling. They could’ve easily just given up their faith
on God. Instead Paul and Silas had a church service
right in the jail.

It began with prayer and eventually escalated to
praise and worship. As a result of that praise and
worship there was a mighty move of God. Their
chains were broken and the jail cell was
opened. This proves that nothing can stop the will
of God.

The really inspiring lesson from this event is how
Paul and Silas were prayer partners. I believe that
their faith fed each other’s faith in this discouraging
time. Furthermore, we see that when we pray in
agreement God will hear us.

So there are a lot of advantages of having a
prayer partner. Such advantages include:

A boost in Faith

When your faith may be challenged or frustrated it
is great to have a prayer partner. One that you can
turn to in the time of need and knowing that they
are there to fight the battle with you. Furthermore,
that prayer partner may have some insight or
encouraging words that will boost your faith.

Keeps you accountable

When you have a consistent prayer partner it keeps
you accountable. Many times when I pray with my
partners they will follow up with me to see if my
prayer has been answered and will continue to pray
with me. We also meet on the phone consistently to
share our prayer requests and testimonies.

Prayers of agreement will be answered
In Matthew 18:19 we are told “…I say unto you,
That if two of you shall agree on Earth as
touching anything that they shall ask, it
shall be done for them of my Father which is
in heaven. ”

This is incredible! This is a guarantee when I come together in agreement according to the word of God with my brother and sister then my prayer will be answered. There are no if’s, and, or but’s about it.

Prayer partners are on the same spiritual wave
It’s funny, after praying consistently with my
prayer partners we seem to be able to pick up each
other’s signal in the Spirit. I don’t know how to
explain it but we seem to know when each other
are struggling or being challenged. This will prompt
us to pray for that person and contact them to
encourage them.

So there are definitely a lot of benefits for having
a prayer partner. However, you want to be wise in
who you select to be a prayer partner. Our
relationships will other people definitely have an
impact on our spiritual walk.

5 things to look for in a prayer partner:

• Is in TRUTH

This should go without saying but you don’t want to
have a prayer partner who is not in truth. If that
person has not been born of the Spirit then there is
no way that they can help you spiritually.

• Consistency

When you are looking for a prayer partner you
want to have someone that prays consistently. If
this person is hardly praying once a week then
there wouldn’t be any advantage of partnering
with them. You will most likely spend most of
your time counseling and encouraging them to pray.
It’s not bad to do this but you just don’t want this
in a prayer partner.

• Spiritually led

You don’t want to be linking together with someone
who is walking in flesh and not the Spirit. A lot of
times these type of believers can have more of
a negative impact on you. For example, if someone is in rebellion then that person’s prayer will not be heard until they repent.
The Bible tells us that rebellion is as witchcraft. So you definitely don’t want to be praying with a witch and you definitely depend on them to pray for you.

• Trust worthy

Having a prayer partner means being open and
willing to share. Most likely you will be sharing sensitive information with that person. So you don’t want them telling your business from the mountain top.
Make sure that you have a relationship with them.
Most of the time you can tell if someone is going to
be a gossiper by listening if they gossip about other
people. If they are gossiping about other
people then they are most likely gossiping
about you when you are not around.

• Interested in Your Growth

Having a prayer partner is a give-take relationship.
Ultimately the purpose of having a prayer partner is not only so that you can grow Spiritually but that you can help that person grow as well. If you are not interested in seeing others grow spiritually then having a prayer partner is not for you.


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