Arise and Go

“So I said, ‘what shall I do, Lord?’ And the Lord said to me, ‘Arise and go into Damascus, and there you will be told all things which are appointed for you to do.” (Acts 22:10)

This scripture is Paul telling the court his story of being converted. He is recapping what happened to him as he was approaching Damascus. Paul saw a great light and Jesus told him that he could not fight against God. Paul could not fight against the call that God had on his life.

Paul was a man that knew the scripture and he knew about the temple and all that happened in the temple, but he was fighting against God, even with all of his knowledge and all of his zeal.
Paul was a man on a mission.
The problem was his mission was not God’s mission; it was Paul’s mission.
If it was Paul’s mission, it was never going to be successful.
You can have all the zeal and all the knowledge, but if God is not in your mission, it will fail.

I know; I have at times tried to run from my calling and it does not work. You have no peace and you are sure to fail.

We all have a mission for God. Has God
been telling you that you cannot fight Him?
Do as Paul did and give up. Arise and go into your Damascus and wait to see what you have been appointed to do.


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