“The true life in Christ is not to activate the old man, if you, serve you, in the holiness and should be happy with what you now.
Because the Lord is holy should we turn a saint like him. Life is short just so you should just serve the Lord, give all of you, your whole life and soul to dedicate it to his will, you should see the true Son of God.

We were created for the mission to others, as we have chosen him and be among his arrival he’ll fall on all of us and join our holy God Almighty.

The whole strength is used in service to God and our Talent we will return to him for he is glorious in his name.

Every person has the gifts we just use it to correct and good intentions.

We open our spiritual we always look forward to his presence. And we do not lose our own personality.

We are raised with him. Now we have a completely new creation, the old man gone. Many people in the world, but I chose you, you’re so lucky.”

To God Be The Glory!!!


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