The Glory of God

The glory of God is the beauty of
His Spirit. It is not a corporeal or material
beauty, but beauty comes from
His character, and Who Himself. Challenged
Santiago rich “curry favor with
Their reproach “(James 1:10)
means not coming from the glory in wealth, power or external and earthly beauty. The beauty is visible
the will of the people and the world but not of it
from themselves; it is from God.

The the glory of man is the beauty of its spirit, impeccable and eventually pass away, and because
Here, it is not proud – as stated in
Paragraph us in Santiago. But the glory of
God, seen in all its integrated features, will not pass away. This is infinite.

(Isaiah 43:7) God created us for
His glory. In context with the others
Other verses of Isaiah 43, it can be
“Glory” of God because by
People may see the glory of God
things in man as love, music,
romance and others: things which are God
we carried out as “vessels of clay” (2 Corinthians 4:7).
We are vessels that contain
His glory. All the things that are so
we have to do is the same source, as well as
Nature. God shows his
Glory in nature.
Revealed the glory of God in the minds of people through the nature and the material creatures of God
different ways. Someone to marvel at beauty of the mountains, there are marvel at the beauty of the ocean. But the God’s glory is behind the this beauty of nature and teach the people God. In this way, God revealed
His glory to all people, regardless of
their race, language and location. As (Psalm 19:1-4), “The heavens declare God
great! Clearly indicating what his
Every day, every night, the report does not
field, constantly reporting the next day and night.
Without voice or language where their and do
also hear any noise; Nevertheless, the
earth is that voice, the news is reaching
end of the world. God has built a tent
sky. “


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