“The BIBLE is the most unique of the book, than any other books, complete words expressed here and what really happens in our spiritual life as well. Each content of the Letter is there Power and Authority to use the BIBLE. Each read will have a Gift and you are also given Wisdom and Knowledge from right here in the BIBLE.”


This is the reason that no one wants to talk
about but everyone needs to grapple with. We
love to be comfortable and yet the Bible aims
to comfort us. So, why in the world would we
avoid the Bible? It is because the Bible makes
us uncomfortable before it comforts us. We
don’t like this. Consider what Paul says about
the activity of the Bible:

“All Scripture is breathed out by God
and profitable for teaching, for
reproof, for correction, and for
training in righteousness,” (2 Timothy 3:16 )
Consider the First Commandment: ”You shall
have no other gods before me.” (Exodus 20:3 ).

• It teaches us truth: One who
follows the Lord is not to have
another other gods. He alone
must be our only true God who
rules us even as we glorify him. It
teaches us truth by saying: “This is

• It reproves us: When we are not
putting God first by giving him his
due worship because we are
giving this to someone or
something else. It rebukes our sin
by saying: “That is wrong.”

• It corrects us: It points us back to
what is right. Because we have
been reproved by the Word we
are pointed back to what we are
supposed to be doing. It corrects
us by saying: “Repent and serve
the one true God.”

• It trains us: The Scripture tells us
both what is wrong and how to do
what is right. The moral law
reveals to us, even the next 9
commandments, how to live with
God as your God. It trains us by
saying: “This is how you must live
If we have engaged in honest Bible reading we
know that we have been confronted by God
and his Word. This punctures our pride and
unsettles us. If we aim to preserve comfort
and protect honor then we will avoid this like
someone who is out of shape avoids the gym.

• But here is the truth: our hearts are deceitful
(Jeremiah 17:9), they trick us. We believe the lie
that it is better to live in the false comfort we
are in rather than the comfort that God can
provide. We lean upon the false savior of self
and as a result guarantee that we will not be
comfortable. It is only be being made
uncomfortable by God that we can truly be

• Action item: search your heart and see if you
are avoiding God to preserve the idol of


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